Tuesday, 6 November 2012

How To Find Google Account Creation Date


Hey dude! Got a Google account? and if you have, can you tell me the creation date of it. I'm sure, most of you can't answer this question. So lets see how to know the creation date of your Google account. This will help you when your account gets hacked by someone and you unable to recover it using mobile number verification. If a situation comes like this, Google will ask your account creation date for recovery.

Let's see how to know the Google account creation date:-
(1)Sign into your Gmail account with the password.

(2)Then go to Takeout page

(3)In the takeout window, click on Transfer your Google Plus connections to another account.

And now it will ask your password again, type your password and hit Enter.

That's all, now a window will appear with your account creation date details.


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