Monday, 26 March 2012

Internet Download Manager 6.11 Beta Fee Download Full version | Patch


 Internet Download Manager 6.11 Beta + Full Patch (IDM) is a tool to increasedownload speeds by up to 5 times. Comprehensive error recovery and resume capability will restart broken or interrupted downloads due to lost connections, network problems, computer shutdowns, or unexpected power outages. Simple graphic user interface makesIDM user friendly and easy to use and in one word it is awesome.
Internet Download Manager also supports proxy servers, ftp and http protocols, firewalls, redirects, cookies, directories with authorization, MP3 audio and MPEG video content processing, and a large number of directory listing formats. So today i am here with new version of IDM.

What’s new in  6.11 beta:
1. Added support for Firefox 13
2. Added support for SeaMonkey 2.8
3. Improved Advanced browser integration
4. Fixed bugs 

Download IDM 6.11 Full Version 
Download Beta
Download Trial
Mediafire Link For Download

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Sunday, 25 March 2012

Whats going on on Facebook [Infographics]


Its time to get some knowledge about facebook. Its really a amazing website, people love it, just check this post and know about it.....

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Google Science fair 2012: a Good opportunity for teens

The Google is an online science competition sponsored by Google, Lego, CERN, National Geographic and Scientific American. It was announced in January 2011; and now again in 2012. due date of submition of project is 1 April. The Google Science Fair is an online science competition seeking curious minds from the four corners of the globe. Anybody and everybody between 13 and 18 can enter. All you need is an idea. who formulate a hypothesis, perform an experiment, and present their results. All students must have an internet connection and a Google Account to participate.
You can visit its official website for starting your project.
Winners re rewarded with great prizes. in 2011

Shree Bose, a 17-year-old in Fort Worth, TX, won the grand prize and $50,000 for her research on the chemotherapy drug, cisplatin, that is commonly taken by women with ovarian cancer, tackling the problem of cancer cells growing resistant to cisplatin over time.

Naomi Shah of Portland, OR, won the age 15–16 category with a study of the effects of air quality on lungs, particularly for people who have asthma. Ms. Shah recruited 103 test subjects, performed 24-hour air quality measurements at their homes and workplaces and had each blow into a device that measured the force of their breath.

Lauren Hodge of Dallastown, PA, won the age 13–14 category for research on whether marinades reduce the amount of cancer-causing compounds produced by the grilling of meat. She found that lemon juice and brown sugar cut the level of carcinogens sharply, while soy sauce increased them.

Here is video to  give you full information.

So if your are eligible. you could try it....

Watch Episode Of Your Favorite Tv Shows On Youtube India


Hello Friends a good news is there if you are indian and you miss an episode of any Tv shows then dont worry.

You tube website has a new section called TV SHOWS where you can see any serials episode.

To do this go to this link.In that section you can see your favorite TV shows in categories wise LikeComedy,Drama,Entertaintment,Reality And Game Shows,Classic TV,Soaps,Health And Fitness,Beautity And Fashions,Action And Adventure.

Also you tube divide them in Top Episode wise.

So enjoyy Your Favorite Episode in You tube!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Reviews on Nokia Oro


Hello friends ,

Nokia comes up with a new  Smartphone called Nokia Oro which is Bringing together 18-carat gold plating, the finest hand-wrapped leather and a sapphire crystal home key, this exclusive Nokia Oro touch-screen phone is the epitome of style and elegance.

Nokia Oro also boasts an AMOLED glass display for viewing HD videos and full web pages. Enjoy superior sound quality with unique, award-winning wireless headset of Nokia Oro.

 Ultra sleek and compact, the Nokia J Bluetooth headset is crafted from premium materials with 18-carat gold plating and brushed stainless steel just like Nokia Oro.


Price In Rupees: 90,000
Price In USD: $1003
Other Features: 18-carat gold plating + Sapphire crystal and leather materials, GPS + A-GPS support, Ovi Maps 3.0, Digital compass, Speakerphone, Active noise cancellation with dedicated mic, Quickoffice viewer (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF), Adobe Reader .

So make an everlasting impression wid this limited edition.

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Instagram Free App for Android Coming Soon


Instagram is an application on iPhone lets people to give a classic touch to square images using "filters" and allows to share them on social networking sites like Facebook, twitter etc. The Instagram developers say that the application they've been developing for android is better than one already there for iOS. There are some pretty good similar apps in the android market like picplz and World of Photo, but considering the fact that  Instagram iOS app is doing well with over 27 million registered users.

The new android version would also include photo sharing in Google plus also. If the news from tech gurus are to be believed, the “iOS App of the year 2011” will be available for android mobiles and tablets very soon. This app is nothing but photo sharing in a better way. Cant wait for it!

Monday, 12 March 2012

Trick to Make Your PDF Files Speak

How to Make Your PDF Files Speak to You.

This is an Interesting Trick i found in Adobe Reader. This works in Adobe Reader 7.0 through the latest

1. First of all Install Adobe Reader , if you haven’t already.
2. Ok So first you go to View>Read out Loud> Activate Read Out Loud.
3. After you have done that just do this.

Now it will read it to you out loud in the Default Microsoft Sam voice.

Friday, 9 March 2012

Apple's New Product iPad HD Price, Features and Review


Every buddy thinking that new iPad is iPad 3 but still its not ipad 3 its ipad HD. After months of anticipation and speculation, Apple launched 3rd generation iPad The new ipad HDwas launched on 7th of March and will be finally available for public on 16th of march in US and UK with pre-orders starting from today.

Whats New in ipad HD ?

The new ipad HD has come up with the retina display that is more pixels in a given area for the more clear display same as iphone 4 and iphone 4s. These pixels will not be visible with naked eyes. ipad HD has quad-core graphics but is still a dual-core based unit having a stunning resolution of 2048 x 1536 pixels. The new ipad HD is integrated with the new iOS 5.1.
Talking about its camera it has a rear camera of 5 MP iSight camera capability of recording record 1080p video. The 5 MP camera has a  5 element lens plus auto face-detection
It also has new dictation feature that inputs text by speech.

Price ipad HD

For wi-fi only modelFor the wi-fi + 4G model
16GB           $499            $629
32GB           $599            $729
64GB           $699            $829

Features ipad HD

While the exterior of the new iPad doesn’t look dramatically different from the iPad 2, it does offer numerous improvements both under the hood and in terms of display capabilities.
  1. Retina Display
  2. iOS 5.1
  3. quad-core graphics.
  4. dual-core based processor.

Comparison with ipad 2

There is nothing much difference between ipad 2 and ipad HD. ipad HD has a better retina display than ipad 2. The new ipad HD is not 8 mile meter thick as ipad 2 but its 9.4 mile meters thick. The another difference is its OS ipad HD has new iOS 5.1 in comparision to ipad 2 which has iOS 5

Battery life

Apple is claiming the same battery life as the iPad 2, with 10 hours for Wi-Fi and 9 hours on 4G LTE. At  9.4mm thick and 1.4 pounds, it does weigh a tiny bit more than the iPad 2, so they must have had to put a bigger battery in there. (UPDATE: The iPad 2 has a 25 watt-hour battery, and the new iPad has a 42.5 watt-hour battery, so it’s much bigger.)

The new ipad HD colours

The new ipad HD is available in both black and white.

The Mercury News Service: “iPad 3 may disappoint”
CNET: “Apple should be blowing us away with the iPad 3, but it probably won’t.
The AP: “New iPad expected to have modest upgrades”
Etc, Etc, Etc. Being pre-disappointed is the new disappointed.

While the new iPad may be more of an evolutionary step than a revolutionary one, the new iPad still looks mighty impressive. If you don’t own an iPad yet, you’ve got more than enough reasons to buy this one. If you own an iPad or iPad 2, the new display, faster CPU, 4G LTE and improved camera might convince you to upgrade later this month.
Apple also confirmed that they will continue to produce the iPad 2 for at least some period of time, with prices dropping by $100 for each of the older models. You can find more details on the new iPad over at Apple’s website, and you can view the complete announcementhere.